6ft Table (WonderCon)
6ft Table (WonderCon)
6ft Table (NYCC)
6ft Table (NYCC)
10x10 Outdoor Setup
10x10 Outdoor Setup
10x10 Booth (DesignerCon)
10x10 Booth (DesignerCon)
10x10 Booth (SDCC)
10x10 Booth (SDCC)
Corner 10x8 Booth (SacAnime)
Corner 10x8 Booth (SacAnime)

I have worked on a variety of commercial commissions and officially licensed projects. Here is a small selection. 

Officially Licensed & Commercial Commissions

Various Table and Booth Setups

Soonay & Toratai Resin Designer Toys

By far the most popular item I can bring to a show are exclusive runs of my handmade designer toys. Each one is an original character and is hand cast, cleaned, and painted by myself. Due to how time consuming these pieces are, I can usually only bring a smaller run to shows. Typically I will only create exclusives for larger shows, but will consider it for smaller or newer shows by request.

Hi! This is the Art of Priscilla Wilson show application page. Thank you for your consideration!

Welcome to my show application page! Here, you will find examples of past display setups as well as select pieces from my portfolio. More images can be seen in the rest of my portfolio section; these are just highlights and favorites!

Popular and Featured Artwork

I try to carry a variety of items and merchandise with my artwork so that there's something for everyone. Here are some of the more popular items that I currently carry. Everything is original character and concept.

Thank you!

Thank you for your time reviewing my application. If you have any questions or need any other supporting materials, please don't hesitate to email me!

Past Shows

Here is a list of select past shows I've exhibited at:

  • Anime Expo
  • C2E2
  • Crunchyroll Expo
  • DesignerCon
  • Emerald City Comic Con
  • LA Comic Con
  • New York Comic Con
  • Phoenix Fan Fusion
  • SacAnime
  • San Diego Comic Con
  • SiliCon
  • SJMADE Events
  • TwitchCon
  • WonderCon
  • ...and more!

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