• Extra Life Raffle #2

    It's time for another Extra Life raffle!

    As many of you know, I have joined the Nerds Unite Extra Life team for 2022. We had a very successful raffle for commission pieces. Here is the next one!


    • A 1/1 Soonay figure!

    • (2) Game goodr x Soonay NFTs!

    • 5"x7" original art (frame not included) - quantity TBD

    • All raffle winners will also receive one of these LE 50 Angel Soonay stickers! This is the first time any of the Angel Soonay stickers will be distributed!

    How to enter:

    1. Donate to my Extra Life campaign in increments of $5 from January 26th to February 2nd, 3pm PT. Every $5 donated will count as a raffle ticket. Old donations (prior to January 26th) will not count towards this new raffle. Click here to donate.

    2. When you donate, be sure to include the following in the notes:

    • A way to contact you such as an email address, your Twitch name, or a social media account name.
    • Your WAX ID if you are interested in winning one of the NFTs. If you are not interested in winning these, feel free to enter the ID of a friend so they can win or leave this part blank.


    Please note that these notes are public so do not include any sensitive info. If you forget to include this and I am unable to get a hold of you then you unfortunately forfeit your win.

    Unlike last time, I will most likely just be drawing whatever commission card theme I feel like. You may add a suggestion in your notes if you want, but it may or may not be used. The number of commission cards created will be dependent on how long the stream goes and how many I am able to physically create. 

    Fine print: Commission card winner(s) will have their drawing(s) mailed to them via letter with a postage stamp. International addresses are ok for the commission card(s). Winners of the NFTs must provide a WAX ID. Winner of the grand prize, a 1/1 Soonay, must have a US shipping address. The grand prize will be shipped via Priority USPS mail. Winners of the cards and the grand prize may also opt to upgrade their shipping if they are willing to cover the cost and contact me before I ship the prizes.

    The deadline is February 2nd, 3pm PST.
    The Twitch livestream is tentatively scheduled for February 2nd, 5pm PST*.

    * Commission cards will be drawn live on stream. Raffle winners will be chosen live on stream. If, for some reason, I am unable to stream on the tentative date I will either announce a new stream date or cards and prizes will be created and pulled offstream. 

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