• Game Day!

    Extra Life Game Day is nearly upon us (November 5th)! To celebrate and try to help push fundraising efforts, I will be streaming on November 5th, 11am - ? and will be doing my own artsy version of "games". 

    Every $30+ donated will get you a 3" vinyl sticker AND a 5" x 7" quick sketch. Here's the caveat – this fast draw will have to be drawn from memory. All sketches will be drawn live on stream.

    When you donate, please look for the incentive section. On Game Day, the Quick Sketch option should appear. You may also donate a larger amount if you so choose, but please be sure that I somehow receive both the drawing theme (character, fandom, general theme) and your shipping information.

    • You must either include the theme of the drawing in your donation notes or be present during the Twitch livestream to let me know what you want. If you forget to put your theme and also aren't around then I won't be able to fulfill your prize (but we thank you for the donation!).
    • Please keep themes limited to single characters.​​​​​​ Listing an entire fandom is also ok and then I will choose a character to draw.
    • If you forget to give me your shipping info, then the prizes can't be fulfilled (but we thank you for the donation.
    • All sketches will be drawn live on stream.
    • If there is too large of a queue, I reserve the right to delete the incentive so I can catch up or cap the number of requests.
    • Sketches must be drawn from memory, but if it's a fandom I am completely unfamiliar with then I am allowed a 30 second Google image search.
    • Since all sketches will be drawn quickly and from memory, you get what you get. No complaining if it's not the Mona Lisa.
    • All sketches and stickers will be mailed via USPS letter mail. I am not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged mail.

    Donate Here

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