Extra-Life! Let's go!!

    I'm participating in Extra Life this year!

    To kick things off, I will be holding a raffle between now and my next Twitch livestream (January 16th, 11am PST). For every $5 that is donated AND follows the directions below, you will receive one digital raffle ticket to possibly win a quick sketch commission on a 5"x7" piece of cardstock. 

    How to enter:

    1. Donate to my Extra Life campaign in increments of $5. Every $5 donated will count as a raffle ticket. Click here to donate.

    2. When you donate, be sure to include the following in the notes:

    • Your commission idea (can be a character, show, movie, animal, general theme, etc.). If you choose a character, you may only choose ONE. Please do not list more than one character. 
    • Some way to contact you – this can be via Twitter or IG DM or your email address. Please note that this might be posted publicly so only include non-sensitive info.


    If you win, your commission will be drawn live during my next Twitch stream*. The number of winners will be determined by how many more I have time for after the first piece is done. If you omit ANY required info then you will not be entered into the raffle. Winner(s) will have their drawings mailed to them via letter with a postage stamp. If they so choose, they may also opt to donate an additional $5 to have the piece mailed via First Class package or an additional $10 to have it mailed via Priority (if domestic). International winner(s) will only have the letter mail option.

    The deadline is January 16th, 10am PST. 

    * If, for some reason, I am unable to stream then the raffle will end at a date TBA and the commission will be drawn offline.


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